Common Water Heater Repair Problems

When it comes to heating your house with a water heater, you should always know how to do proper water heater repair. This is especially important to know if you have a leak or a burst pipe. The role of a water heater is to deliver hot water to your house. If you’ve been noticing lately that the price of heating your house with water is being steadily increasing, it probably is a signal that your old water heating unit is losing effectiveness with age which might not be resolved through simple repairs.

There are two types of water heaters: electric and gas-powered. Electric heaters are easier to repair since all you need is a wire to be cut and the part replaced. Gas-powered heaters, however, require more advanced maintenance which involves checking the gas lines for leaks, paying a mechanic to check and service the gas valves, and making sure that there aren’t any cracks or damages in the hoses or pipes that might allow moisture to enter the system.

Most common repairs include replacing or repairing the thermostat, which controls the temperature of your water heater. Thermostats are usually easy to repair because they are usually put in place by the owner when purchasing their heater. But knowing how to do repairs can save you money since they can become loose or worn out easily. This allows a damaged thermostat to overheat your water, causing it to cost more to heat your house.

The leakage in the pipes or tanks of your water heater is another problem that can make it difficult to perform water heater repair. These leaks can be difficult and expensive to repair. One of the best ways to deal with leaks is by hiring a plumber to come out and do a professional job of installing the new hot water heater. While this might be an option for someone with knowledge of plumbing, many homeowners don’t have this kind of expertise and would be wise to hire someone who does.

Another common problem with hot water heaters is a clogged drain. This is almost always caused by hair, food particles, or other forms of debris that might get trapped in the tank’s drainage system. When this occurs, excess pressure causes the drain to pop or enlarge and is almost impossible to correct without professional plumbing help. If this is a problem that has been happening on a regular basis, it might be time to replace the tank.

Leaky pipes are also one of the most common water heater repair problems faced by homeowners. These situations can be fixed easily by simply adding more absorbent materials to the tank to keep the water warm. It is important to remember that even tankless water heaters have a certain amount of absorbed moisture built into them. If the problem is not severe enough to allow the water to freeze, it is possible to simply add distilled water to bring up the temperature of the tank.

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