Leveling Your Crystal Necklace To 80 Quickly

The Crystal Necklace is one of the most powerful and useful neck accessories that a player can equip in the game. However, it requires a lot of time to make the right combination or choose the right type of Crystal accessory. Even though this Necklace has the highest level requirement (Lv 65) it doesn’t mean that it will be extremely difficult to obtain. Players who have good strategies and good luck may be able to get the maximum use from this Necklace. If you are one of these players, keep reading for more detailed information on how to maximize the rewards you receive from using the Crystal Necklace. We will examine some of the most effective ways in which to get more reward from your Crystal Necklace.

This necklace is best used as a secondary or complementary armor piece. The necklace is mainly used to complement the primary armor set (mainly the Body slot) to increase the overall defense of the character. It also increases the character’s Attack by 6 and decreases the character’s magic attack by 4. There are two kinds of Crystal Necklace available in the game; the Leveling Crystal Necklace and the Hardened Crystal Necklace.

The first kind of necklace is the standard Crystal Necklace. These are sold by merchants while at level 10 or higher. They are simple and usually do not contain very many crystals. As such, they only contribute to one point for every 10 pieces of armor that you wear. While this necklace may be useful at lower levels, it becomes less useful as you move to higher levels.

On the other hand, the hard variant of Crystal Necklace comes with crystallized Bangle and Bracelet pieces. These are more powerful than the standard necklaces and have additional benefits. For example, when you are wearing the hard necklace, every enemy you hit with the bangle takes double damage. Furthermore, when you use a crystallized weapon, each enemy within a thirty-five foot range of you will be stunned and is reduced in hit points.

Both of these advantages are great for increasing both your offensive and defensive capabilities. However, the level cap for this variant of the necklace is significantly higher than that for the standard version. That is why it is advisable to level your characters rapidly so that you can use the new weapons and level up quickly while earning lots of crystallized minerals per session. If you find the necklace too tedious to level up at the moment, then perhaps you should wait until the release of a new raid or elite boss that uses crystallized equipment.

Crystal Necklace is definitely worth the money once you get the hang of using it properly. Its defense capabilities are simply amazing and the amount of crystals it produces is only surpassed by the most expensive necklaces in WoW. Given all that, you should buy this necklace if you are serious about having a good defense and offense at all times. I am quite sure that you won’t regret it.

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