Crystal Guide For Wearing Your Next Crystal Necklace

3D Crystals pendants and necklaces have been popular accessories for centuries. They add that extra bit of dazzle to a simple dress or outfit. The crystals used in the pendants and necklaces come in a dizzying array of colors, sizes, and styles. It can be difficult to find the perfect pendant or necklace for you and your taste. If you are planning to get a pendant or necklace, then it is recommended that you visit a jewelry store to check out all the options available. You will find that the vast selection includes a wide range of crystal stones and styles – be it a necklace or a pendant – and there are many ways to wear the same piece of jewelry.

Crystal Necklace

One of the most popular styles of crystal necklace and pendant is the Crystal Star Necklace, which features a single, huge crystallized star, surrounded by eight smaller ones. Each of the eight crystals is cut in a different way, giving the star that sparkling finish. This particular style of Crystal Necklace is inspired by the Babylonian astrological signs; it represents Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Each of the eight elements, as you may guess, belongs to one of the four cardinal signs, whilst also being positioned in the heavens.

Another version of this particular type of necklace is the Star Pearl Pendant. The pendant is made from five separate, small semi-precious stones, which are each cut in a unique way, giving the finished product that glittering look. The design of the Star Pearl Pendant uses the same method, as seen with the 3D Crystal Heart, but here, one or more of the elements are left unscrewed for a more unique look. With this, you get a necklace that looks nothing like any other pendant or necklace.

Crystal Alumina is another example of a unique pendant that comes in the form of beautiful, self-standing fine crystals. The crystals used for this look are cut to represent the element of air, and have alum lining them. What makes this variant of Crystal Necklace so attractive to many women is that they are not limited to just one pairing. With this unique type of Necklace, you can create any number of combinations, depending on your personal preference. The design of this particular Crystal Necklace is usually patterned after the Star Pearl Pendant, but there is also an Alumina/Star mixture created.

Rose Quartz is another popular crystal gemstone and has long been used for its healing properties. Rose Quartz has the ability to balance negative energy. This can be used to help balance both your mind and body. Some popular Rose Quartz designs include the Double Star Necklace, which features two smaller sized crystals cut in the shape of the rising sun, creating a radiant pendant.

The crystal guide that is included with each piece of jewelry is a valuable tool to help you identify specific types of stones. Crystal Necklaces can display a wealth of unique stones with their shapes, sizes, colors, and common Crystal Stone Identification values. The information that is included will help you learn about which types of crystals are suitable for you, as well as their Crystal Stone Values. With these valuable tools, you will soon know everything you need to know about wearing your next Crystal Necklace.

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